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GSM GPRS Modem Router

GSM and GPRS Modem and Router in the offering include R-3000 Lite Router, R-3000 Standard, M-1000 MP, M-1000 XP, M-1000 ProV2 and more. Our company is regularly introducing new technologies in this range in order to achieve:

1) Better quality
2) Lower costs
3) Competitive advantage

Customers who can meet their requirement with this current range are most welcome. We can develop new GSM and GPRS modem and router to meet your application requirement.

These offerings allow customers to remotely monitor systems. GSM or GPRS network is used by the modem in order to conveniently and cost effectively transfer data from computers or remote instruments. Our complete line is designed to deliver an infrastructure for important assets that is

1) Safe
2) Flexible
3) Productive
4) Easily managed

The offered GSM modem comes with a serial, USB or Bluetooth connection.

Advance 3G /4G Router

Industrial Dual Module Cellular VPN Router with Voice 5 Eth + 1 Voice/RS-232/RS-485 + 1 USB Host
Price: 20000.00 - 30000.00/Piece

IoT Gateway

Industrial Cellular Modem 1 Eth + 2 RS-232
Price: 14500.00 INR/Piece

3G / 4G Modem with Serial Port

Industrial Cellular VPN Router 2 Eth + 1 SIM+1DI+1DO
Price: 13500.00 INR/Piece

3G 4G Router With Quad Ethernet Port

Industrial Cellular VPN Router with 4 Ethernet Ports 4 Eth + 1 RS-232/1 RS-485 + 1 USB Host
Price: 40000.00 INR/Piece


Industrial Dual SIM Cellular VPN Router Suitable for 2G, 3G, 4G networks.
Price: 10000.00 - 15000.00/Pair

IOG851-W Series Industrial Cellular Edge Gateway

  • Color:Black
  • Supply Ability:300 Per Month
Price: 9000.00 - 25000.00 INR/Unit

GSM GPRS Modem with DI/DO/AI

Industrial Dual SIM Cellular VPN Router Suitable for 2G, 3G, 4G networks
Price: 15000.00 - 30000.00 INR/Unit

3G 4G Router

Industrial Cellular Modem 2 ETH+ 1 RS232/RS485 + 1 DI + 1 DO
Price: 15000.00 INR/Piece

Serial To Internet Modem 3G-4G

Smart Industrial IoT Gateway 2 SIM + 2 DI + 1 DO + 1 RS-232 + 1 RS-485 + 1 Mini USB
Price: 14500.00 INR/Unit

4G MQTT IOT Modems

RS485 to GPRS/4G/Wi-Fi to server
Price: 14000.00 INR/Unit

SMS Modems

  • Transmission Rate:150Mbps
  • Type:Wireless
  • Antenna:50 SMA female interface
  • Interface Type:RS232
  • Network:3G, GSM
  • Color:Black
  • Operating Temperature:3080 Celsius (oC)
  • Supply Ability:300 Per Month
Price: 10000.00 INR/Unit

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